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  • Friday, August 14, 2009

    So You Want To Live Here ?

    Can You Say Celebrity Feather Merchant?
    can you say big black suburban?
    can you say obama?
    .. A busy weekend is planned in our little town. Bob Jacklin is holding his free casting clinic on the 16th. The merchants have discounted all their merchandise for Crazy Days, (14 - 16.)
    .. The West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation has planned a free guided tour of Yellowstone Park, (on the 15th.) The U.S. Forest Service has over 20 discrete events relating to the 1959 earthquake, (14 - 17.)
    .. This is a free weekend in Yellowstone National Park - entrance fees are waived, (15-16.)
    .. And, as well, Black Mountain Productions is presenting another free concert in the town park, (15th.)
    .. Too, please, don't forget the Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo, and the most feared bull in the world "LUNATIC FRINGE"(13-15.)
    .. Yes it's just another weekend in the life of the busiest entrance to Yellowstone National Park.
    .. Some of the neighbors would like to see just a bit more activity during a typical weekend. Some would like less.
    .. There are rumors of another event centering on our little town tomorrow too. The whispers have been circulating for a couple of weeks now. People are asking: "WHO KNOWS?"
    .. The cooks know! The airport personnel know! The NPS seasonal employees know! Most of the neighbors know! The press is just guessing. But there are some telltale signs that it's happening all over again.
    .. It recently happened twice when President Clinton visited Yellowstone National Park. It happened when Vice President Cheney 'officially' visited the park. It's happening now.
    .. VH-60N helicopters are thundering overhead, so are a couple of UH-60's. For the less informed these are the kind of helicopters that President Clinton used to "tour" the Grand Canyon. They are, in common parlance: BLACKHAWKS & WHITEHAWKS.
    .. We were told that helicopters from a squadron based in Virginia are busy inspecting spruce moth damage in the forest - sure thing - what ever you say!
    .. The parking lot in the government area at Old Faithful is cordoned off. Rules about travel, walking, bicycling, etc, have been promulgated for today and tomorrow. Dogs with educated noses got to work early this morning. The rangers are even wearing complete uniforms.
    .. There were even some stealth Chevy Suburbans cruising around Big Sky, Sun West Ranch, Ennis, Cameron, Buck's T-4, The Corral, and Eino's. Do those guys eat that much? Are they shopping for the folks back home?
    .. When was the last time two dozen suits were seen in the kitchen of the Old Faithful Inn? Even the rodents are afraid of that place.
    .. Now why do you suppose that a massive amount of fuel was delivered to the West Yellowstone Airport last week?
    .. There are no fires in the neighborhood. Why do you suppose some "suits" have taken samples of the fuel to a lab in Salt Lake City for testing?
    .. Just what is going on with the Big Black Chevy Suburbans always seen in two's and three's?
    .. Never do these vehicles stop: - for signals, or stop signs, or pedestrians - they just keep putting along with some suits in the front! Suits - in West Yellowstone - in August - c'mon!
    .. Just why are the usually verbose and gregarious celebrated guides at the most celebrated feather merchant's shop so closed mouth? Just why are they avoiding the pubs? Why are they paying particular attention to certain simple, (Big Tip,) runs and riffles near the Sun West Ranch on the Madison River?
    .. The Ennis fishers are sure that the Prez. will fish a spring creek there. The gentry in Big Sky feel that their brand of sophistication will draw the Prez to the Gallatin River. We'll wait and see.
    .. Even our village simpletons can figure it out. The Prez. will be here. While the press gathers around a hanger in Belgrade, the neighbors are doing their best to figure out how to not be in town tomorrow.
    .. Well, we're going fishing - duh! The tourons will be awed - good on 'em. Stories will abound for weeks and months - hallelujah! We'll post a report, maybe a picture or two - just not of the Prez.
    .. We may have a shot of wet reporters if they go fishing too. We may have an image of the BIG PLANE if it flies overhead.
    .. Shucks, until four years ago we thought that Obama referred to a fishing port in Japan. We wonder: "what does Fujioka think?"
    .. As they say near Mt. Shasta - 'see you away from the chaos.'