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  • Thursday, August 06, 2009

    Dream On


    Ameya Preserve - Belly Up ?
    try something else !!
    brief fishing report too
    .. The pipe dreams of developers and speculators find fertile fields in the lush valleys and mountains of Montana.
    .. Save the world, spend your money, and lock out the Hoi Polloi (οἱ πολλοί). The refrain is common and frequent.
    .. Of course, the realities of economy, neighbors, and outdoor plumbing soon impinge on the noble protestations of "conservationist developers."
    .. The latest implosion of a pipe dream is the Ameya Preserve. Shades of the Yellowstone Club, the world's only private ski and golf community.
    .. New West has kept us informed of the rise & demise of this 9,500, (or 11,000,) acre "private national park."
    .. We noted it's conception and promise a year or so back, (#1 - #2.)
    .. Golly-Gee Moses, development lots started at only $100,000 and went up to $2,000,000 and were offered by Nieman Marcus.
    .. Fly fishing was not only included but there was even supposed to be a "Fly Fishing Academy." WOOT WOOT - how good is this?
    .. The Internet was full of buzz about the promise. We couldn't participate, but at least there was good being done.
    .. We jumped on the publicity band wagon; the Moldy Boys did too. What's not to like?

    .. The plan included not just fly fishing but depredations of dinosaur fossils, cultural events like symphonies, and even cooking and glutenous eating with celebratory guest gourmands and chefs. Save the planet!
    .. Well, it went poof! Now the dreamer has moved on to yet another venture. New West, (again - bless their souls,) informs us that Wade Dokken has shed his conservationist skin and become a real estate broker. He has acquired the rights to the Christies’s Great Estates real estate affiliate for much of Montana.
    .. Now, Mr. Dokken is being sued by the Museum of the Rockies for reneging on his promise to donate $3,000,000 and re name paleontologist Jack Horner's position to “Ameya Preserve Curator of Paleontology.”
    .. The newly formed brokerage, according to New West, has just one listing: a 9,000 square foot house. Oh well!

    .. The neighborhood betting pool has the first snow falling about August 19 or 22. We watch a little patch of snow on Lion's Head Mountain. When it's gone, it's time for snow. That tell tale patch is just barely visible now, (with binoculars.)
    .. The first snow won't last, it won't even be much. But it will be snow and it will send the lowlanders scurrying for summer down below. Fishing will pick up and the elbows will thin out. We anticipate the occurrence with muted glee.
    .. Currently there are still some Summer Fish to be caught. It still looks like Summer, and the welcome moisture has kept the meadows a bit on the green side. The common wisdom is that fishing and catching is running about two weeks behind the recent calendar - fine!
    .. Right now, as you read this, Fan Creek, Bacon Rind Creek, and the Gallatin River, (above the Bighorn Trail Head,) are full of antsy eager fish just waiting to dance with you.
    .. The fish are not too particular and will take your Wulffs, Hoppers, Ants, and Humpies with gay abandon. The real key to fishing these waters is to stay out of the water and approach slowly.
    .. You will find moderate success using the the traditional cast and splash techniques, (the fish are really friendly,) but you will do better if you watch the sun, tread gently, crouch or crawl, and wade not!
    .. We'll only mention that if you walk a short way; Winter Creek, Indian Creek, Obsidian Creek, and the Upper Firehole River, (along the Lone Star Geyser Trail,) are fishing better than they have in years! We'll also mention that the grass is growing in the trails along these waters - what's that tell you?
    -------Beautiful Obsidian Creek