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  • Monday, June 22, 2009

    Mom's A Reduxest

    Prediction: Rivers To Rise Even More
    and they are already a skosh high
    .. "Second Verse, Same As The First?" Visitors to the neighborhood are beaming with toothy grins and anticipating sunshine and warm weather. The West Yellowstone forecast calls for 80's starting on Wednesday and continuing through Sunday. Temperatures throughout most of Yellowstone National Park will be just a few degrees cooler. A wee bit above normal.
    .. All rivers on the west side of Yellowstone National Park have shown significant, (nay dramatic,) increases in flow over the last couple of days. River height and flow don't necessarily mean reduced catching, nor visability reduced to the point of hopelessness.
    .. The Gallatin River is up but not too brown despite the observations of many of our neighbors. It should continue to fish well to late evening Caddis, and Feather Dusters all day.
    .. Small Stoneflies are also producing at the edge of the silt plume around the Taylor Fork. You just have to negotiate a way across the river to do a lot of catching.
    .. The Madison River has come into shape nicely and should accommodate catching from spinner fall through evening Caddis, despite it's return to bank-full status.

    .. The king of June, the Firehole River, should see little change in catching through the middle of next week despite the warming temperatures and increased flows. On the other hand we expect that if the predictions hold there will be noticeable bizarre changes in the Gibbon River and Nez Perce Creek. Watch these closely as the catching has just begun to pick up. Certainly the speedy sections will require some forethought.
    .. The observed & anticipated increase in flows for the west side rivers do provide a single pleasant thought: it will be well past the Fourth of July before we need to start worrying about significant warming on the Firehole River.
    .. Some of the smaller streams in the upland areas may experience a bit of clouding during the latter part of this week and the earlier part of next. We don't expect any to be too far out of bank, nor too unfishable. It just might be well into July before these finally hit the catching frenzy that they are famous for.
    .. The neighbors are enjoying the high waters and what they portend for the mid summer doldrums: better fishing than in recent years.
    .. The feather merchants are already enjoying crowded aisles, and the trend of visitation in Yellowstone, (up about 20% last month,) continues to brighten their prospects as well.
    .. Visit the links in the sidebar for up to the minute reports during the week. And, a reminder, the "Yellowstone Fishing Weather" link in the masthead will give you real-time radar images and accurate forecasts. Just click on it and avoid the tripe and hyperbole found here.
    .. Preview of coming attraction!