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  • Thursday, May 14, 2009

    You've Got Two Days


    Quake Hot & Near Clear
    Hebgen Hotter & Miles Of Edges-------
    .. Just to let you know: yesterday was beyond scrumptious, today should be phenomenal, tomorrow will send tsunamis of ecstasy through the neighborhood.
    .. The wind, and gentle rains, and warm weather have brought the lakes into perfect catching condition. It won't last long, and it won't be a secret anymore.
    .. Of course the worm clan beat the fly fishers to the good spots the last two days. Of course there are lawn chairs and beer coolers. Of course there's even a genuine crazy in a rubber boat. WHY NOT?
    .. The feeding frenzy along the edges of the ice is better right now than even aged memory can dredge up. The fish are large, hungry, looking up, and not at all spooky.
    .. As a matter of fact, don't even bother to come up here; you will not be believed when you tell the tale back home.
    .. Fish to 6 pounds, (worm folks weigh - not measure,) are not quite bragging size. A couple of 7 pound fish were taken yesterday in bright sun just down-lake from the Happy Hour Bar. They grew considerably in the joyous revelry that lasted until closing.
    .. The technique is simple. Find a group of giggling fisher folks. Mosey up to them and admire the pile of fish on the shore - or on the stringer. Comment on the wonderful Spring weather, (even if it's blowing to 30 mph and drizzling a bit.) Ask where they get their worms, (notice the hush that falls over the group.) Ask if the trout will take a fly.
    .. Enjoy the looks of amusement and wonder. Bask in the glory of their friendship as they tell you what fly to use, where to fish, and how to present your offering - take their advice!
    .. Most of the neighbors will use a fly. Most are pretty good at it. But right now is when the "smoking fish" are gathered.
    .. There are 24" Rocky Mountain Whitefish, 20" Rainbows, and 22" Browns just waiting to be harvested. The neighborhood is full of the aromas of smoked fish. These folks are hard working stiffs and this is easy food.
    .. They won't mind a bit if you indulge your dalliance with a fly. You'll probably release the fish anyway. After you've worn out your legs from walking the edge of the ice; and your arms from landing fat feisty fish, return to your point of origin - the worm guys will buy you a beer.
    .. The road along the shore of Hebgen Lake only has a few good parking spots. You will recognize them by how full of vehicles they are. Park where you can and be careful if you have to cross the highway - visitors are busy admiring the scenery and not paying too much attention to pedestrians.
    .. The road along the shore of Quake Lake is worse. The combination of sliding rocks, wandering visitors, and grizzly bears should get your attention. The fishing is just a smidgen better at the end of the boat ramp and at the mouth of Beaver Creek. If you are looking for a bit of solitude these would be the places to fish.
    .. WHAT FLIES? The following have taken fish over 20" in the last two days, (and will continue to work for the next week or so.)
    -> Gob-O-Worms; purple, purple and tan, dark green, (sizes 12 to 6/2xl.)
    -> Dark Spruce Fly; sizes 8 to 4.
    -> Jacklin's Rock Worm; sizes 12 to 16,
    -> San Juan Worm; florescent orange, dark red, dark blue, (sizes 8 to 14.)
    -> Drowned Caddis; use the most beat-up fly you have, (about size 12.)
    -> Prince Nymph; any size smaller than 8.
    P.S. Don't tell the neighbors about this post.