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  • Saturday, May 30, 2009

    Blessings Upon Us

    BAR-B-Q ?

    just what kind ?
    all of it
    brief fishing report too
    .. There's over 40 motels in town: about that many restaurants exist too. There's 5 churches, (most of the time,) and more pubs than churches. Hell, there's more fly shops than churches.
    .. The niche market is filling up fast in the trinket shop category, and there's a gas station for every disposition, (and three car washes.)
    .. We often hear heated discussions about the "BEST" of whatever, (food, church, souvenir shop, motel, etc.) Ahhhh, the joys of living where others visit.
    .. We also have two remarkable Bar-B-Q restaurants. Both are "authentic," (gawd, can you imagine the arguments ?) No boiled ribs with pounds of sauce to disguise the process will be found at either. Genuine, 'do-it-the-long-way-and-enjoy-the-finished-product BAR-B-Q.
    .. We are truly blessed. How do you like your ribs? Beans? Brisket? KC style? Texas style? You can have both! Dripping with rich sauce and smoky aromas? You got it! Subtle aroma and melt in your mouth delicious, (sauce on the side?) Sure! Beans all dolled up and full of special tastes? Just ask! Just beans, with a hint of ham or bacon, no sauce and broth to die for? Why not?
    .. Downtown crowds and search for parking? Got it! Leisurely front porch and off street parking? As you wish!
    .. Not Often is there a choice so hard to make. Certainly tastes vary - praise the pig! Palettes and moods vary - praise the beef! Atmosphere is certainly an idiosyncratic judgment - praise the difference!
    .. Which one is best? You decide!
    .. Fishing and catching is good and getting better. Pick your spot and time and flog away. The offerings are famously varied and not many disappointed fishers can be found. Conditions are tough but rewarding.
    .. Both the Firehole River and the Madison River have cleared considerably. The un-seasonal warm weather is keeping the flows a bit above average but the fishing is good.
    .. There is some fog, (if you are the early type,) and fish are very active on the surface in the morning. No giant spinner fall to speak of but the finny friends are looking up in the morning. Pick your poison and a dimple in the surface, size 16 - 18 BWO, (and/or PMD,) if your eyes work that early.
    .. There is some little stonefly action and the big ones should be along soon, (for the subsurface folks.)
    .. The bugs are crawling along the bottom right now and the recent flooding has moved the gravels considerably.
    .. Bugs are very active right now but they are mostly in the lower 1/3 of the water column. Use you favorite Yellow Sally sort of fly and you should be rewarded with some fine fish.
    .. Small streamers and buggers are also working. The perennial favorite Prince Nymph is about sold out in a couple of the fly shops. The decisions will hurt your head if you worry about them.
    Just tie one on - the dance is on!