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  • Thursday, November 20, 2008

    365 - 321=44

    Check Them All Out
    it's worth a click
    .. Jeff Kennedy is nearly done. In 43 days one of the most entertaining and enlightening sites on the web will run it's course. We're sad that it's about over.
    .. DRAWING FLIES 365 is the saga of a fly fishing artist that challenged himself to draw a fly a day for a year. Jeff is the artist and the site documents not only the flies, but gives us a glimpse into the life of this talented artist.
    .. His images range from 'found materials,' through sticks in the snow, to Photoshop manipulations, linocuts, sidewalk chalk, and traditional techniques.
    .. He has used driftwood on Yellowstone Lake's beaches, burnt sticks from a Boy Scout campfire, a stick in the snow, bison poop, water colors, pen and ink, felt marker, renderings on thumb bandage, pancake batter, and of course, (our favorite,) watercolor and gouache.
    .. The saga is now about over and we've been treated to both artistic insight and talent in a rare form. The daily discipline was self imposed in order for Jeff to "find his voice" and explore techniques. We've been treated to this and more. We have peeked into his life and family. Their vacations and eating habits have poked through in the telling of the tale. Thanks Jeff.
    .. Jeff is a busy man: active in his local fly tying club, (Northern Illinois Fly Tiers,) a featured artist at MidCurrent, a working artist, (Jeff Kennedy Studio,) Father, Webmaster, (Jeff Sketch, NIFT,) Husband, Boy Scout Leader. And, of course a fisher of the fly.
    .. Most of the originals have sold out. Some prints are still available. Jeff has promised a "wrap-up" sale at the end of the year with a list of remaining prints and originals.
    .. Maybe next year he will exercise his talents and show us a bit more of "BROOK, flyfishings original pinup girl." We're waiting for the calendar!
    .. Yes Matilda; Yellowstone National Park is closed for the 'shoulder season.' No, Matilda; the Madison River is not! Now that the visitors have left the motels and the feather merchants get a brief respite, it's time to fish.
    .. Fish the big fish in the Madison River, fish the big fish on the South Fork, fish the big fish on Grayling Creek, fish the big fish on Cougar Creek, fish the big fish on Duck Creek.
    .. Just because Yellowstone Park closes it's gates doesn't mean the fish stop running. In fact, this year it's better now than the last month.
    .. It's a poorly held secret that the big fish wait for the water-pounding and thrashing to stop before they start their sexual shenanigans in earnest.
    .. This year the weather has cooperated and fishers have no need for a snowmachine to access the hides and holes in the willow thickets. It's rare but it happens.
    .. The skiers woes are the fly fisher's joy. Get thee to the river there's just over a week before the open season ends and there's no snow in sight.
    .. Streamer fishing has finally kicked in and the monsters have arrived. You'll have to wheedle information out of some crusty old local, or do it the old fashioned way. The fish are here and in very good numbers. Don't catch 'em all.