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  • Sunday, September 09, 2007

    It Might Be Fall

    Catching Getting Better
    got rain gear ?
    .. The blogs, observers, fishers, and feather merchants have awakened during the last ten days as a cool weather pattern has invaded Yellowstone country. The fish are a bit more frisky too.
    .. Visit George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler to find out about the top secret fly that they are using in the Paradise Valley this Fall.
    .. The Frequent showers that have cooled our waters have made local information a must as some color invades the streams. If you're near the north entrance of Yellowstone visit Parks' Fly Shop for up-to-date river conditions. Ask about fishing with "Big Uglies."
    .. The most persistent heavy rains have been in the southern part of the park and the folks at Jack Dennis' Outdoor Shop are just now getting back into the swing of things. Catching has really picked up and the lakes are still good.
    .. The "itty-bitty" hatch is in full swing in the Hebgen Tailwater. A size 14 - 18 hook wrapped in frayed thread is the fly of choice for the neighbors. Small nymph patterns will work if you can't tie an itty bitty. The big fish are responding to woolly buggers in size 4 - 6, and the perennial favorite Dark Spruce fly is getting its share of attention.
    .. The Madison River in the park is responding to the cool weather with a sprinkling of large lake-run fish. Right now they are concentrated around the Highway 191 bridge just outside of Yellowstone, and at Baker's Hole Campground astraddle the park line. Worm fishers are nailing 20" - 24" fish on "Double Gobs:" - there must be a creative fly tier that can duplicate this kind of attraction. Dick, over at Bud Lily's reports wakes the size of Tsunami's at the Barns Holes - but no takers yet! There is still a sparse Trico spinner fall in the late morning, and a few sluggish hoppers and beetles. Caddis are few but concentrated. The wader friendly lodgings in West Yellowstone are nearly all booked and the Fall Parade into the west entrance is in full swing - it's probably a couple of weeks early, but it's that way every year.
    .. The mass descent on the Firehole River has also begun. We're not going there because we feel that the fish were battered enough by "Mother" - but there have been good reports ever since the cooling began. A couple of good-results-reports are available for those of you that need to take a Firehole River Fish: Madison River Outfitters & Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone, (1 - 2.)
    .. The Gallatin River is just very good after weeks of very very good. Use a hopper-dropper combo for prospecting and cover a lot of ground. The fish are beginning to pod-up in the holes. This cold water fishery has escaped much of the heat of the summer but the flows are low and the good places are becoming crowded, (by both fish and fishers.)
    .. The Upper Gibbon River, (above the Norris Campground,) and Solfaterra Creek are in fine form. Both fishing and catching are are excellent. The recruitment in this area has been excellent, and the 2-3 year-olds are fiesty and eager - not giant yet but fiesty and eager.
    .. Slough Creek is in it's spectacular phase. There are still terrestrials for fun, Baetis in the sun, Drakes in overcast - it couldn't be better. If you can tell the difference between a rainbow and a cutthroat the park suggests that you kill the rainbow. The Cutts are disappearing at a rapid clip all through the region.
    .. Pebble Creek is low but still attracting some Soda Butte Creek fish. Watch the area in the meadow below the road for a few very large and spooky fish. This is just plain fun. Use a small attractor such as a size 14 Royal Humpy, or just for kicks try a Black Humpy - you'll get at least one cast to take these basking fish.
    .. Fall in California is still seeing 100 degree temperatures according to the intrepid desert fishermen at the Trout Underground.
    .. The "Six Word Contest" at Fishing Jones has a winner. Congratulations to Ian Rueter of R&R Fly Fishing. His winning essay???? -> "I'll tie the knot next time."
    .. Gratuitous Paris Hilton picture: