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  • Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    Plan Your Summer Vacation NOW!

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    Understand The Vocabulary
    be nice

    .. As the walls creep closer to the computer with each tap on the keyboard we begin to see summer approaching through the glaze of our mind's eye. It looms large in the cranium and beckons us to the green stream-banks of our favorite rivers. We see placid pools, billowing clouds, gossamer wings, dimples in the film, tight lines, the plash of a rise, and tourists by the bus load.
    .. They interrupt the reverie as violently as they do the reality. How do we know that they are tourists - let us count the ways . . . . . . . . . . .
    .. It is best that you understand, as you plan your visit to Montana, that you will be entering an alien culture. Very much it is as if the place is also in a different time. Plan carefully and you won't be disappointed or maimed.
    .. Go to Mr. Completely, (via Moldy Chum,) to see the rules for entering Montana. Read them twice and then print them. Keep them on the dashboard of your car for quick reference. You may have a better time.
    .. Become familiar with the local controversies and be sure to investigate the different points of view. This is key to having a pleasant experience.
    .. Two significant issues that are in the news right now include: the discussions of fishing access and water rights, and the ever popular Row vs. Wade controversy. These kinds of issues are dear to the hearts of the natives and you should be prepared to discuss them intelligently, and in a non-committal fashion.
    .. It is also imperative to understand the local jargon and the world view of the natives. Humor is often a key to this understanding. Paul Stanton and the kind folks at Duckboy Cards, Inc. have done their best to help visitors become acclimated to the Montana Attitude. Pay them a visit for sterling insight and the proper perspective for your summer vacation.
    .. It is also important to keep in mind that many of the best places will tax the suspension of your motor vehicle.
    ..If you can really afford the car that you are driving, take it: if not it might be wise to rent a truck. Trucks are the preferred mode of transportation in Montana for a very good reason.
    .. Every wonder why there are so many pick up trucks in Montana? Wonder no more - It's because of truck farming.
    .. This activity is widespread in Montana and indicates a deep and abiding commitment to growing the economy of the region. You should be prepared to admire the crops and should also be able to discuss the pros and cons of dry farming vs. irrigated crops.
    .. Perhaps, as important as anything, is the need to understand that hunting is a way of life in Montana. Just about everyone hunts. And, even without a truck, it's possible to gather up some protein for the freezer. Keep in mind that if your vacation extends into the fall you are bound to see hunters with their provisions. Smile and wave!
    .. For a unique bit of insight visit Gallery Of Odd. This is an unusual page on the Wyoming Outdoors Web Site. Our neighbors have some interesting perspectives on Montana: including good fishing news.
    .. And then, as the line whistled past the snag and landed softly in the seam we knew that the monster would be ours. The cranes honked similar to geese and the heavy clouds scudded overhead as we prepared for battle. Lean forward, gentle mend, twitch the line, peer into the evening gloom, pause and then . . . . . . . .