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  • Thursday, November 26, 2015


    Arise Early, Set Roasts, Nap, Eat
    jovial gentle and stuffed

    .. What a grand time. We're certainly thankful. We do enjoy the contemporary holiday.
    .. It's a celebration of friends, gluttony, football, revisionist history, and the plenty that most of our nation enjoys.
    .. It's a time to reflect on the cultural superiority that our nation believes in. We are thankful that the accident of birth places us here.
    .. Blessed be our lucky happenstance that we were not born a Yezidi; for then we would be living in a war zone with all those around us fighting each other. Roll the dice and get born somewhere. We had no choice in the matter.
    .. We take a day or two to laze around the house. We take naps punctuated by food, drink, jokes, football, and snow fun. How much better could it be?
    .. We smile as the neighbors praise the folks of Plymouth Colony and the 'good' Indians that helped them survive. We wonder if the fictive fish that supposedly nourished the corn kernels were little Brook Trout.
    .. We are more than slightly amused that an off-hand remark by president Abraham Lincoln should engender so much in the path of revisionism that has led us to today.
    .. Make no mistake: there is much to be thankful for at this time. There is Walmart, football, domestic tranquility, (depending on class and color,) and our comfort in the leisure time to enjoy the beginning of the "shopping season." There's money to shop with despite our moans and groans about the economy, government, politics, etc.
    .. Through no fault of our own we get to participate in the largess provided by the accident of copulation, gestation, birth and geographic situation We are thankful.
    .. The Bradfords and them early folk are pleased to tell us about the first thanksgiving and Plymouth Colony as a milestone in the freedoms derived by the conquering of a new continent with the help of divine intervention. {{ Don't believe it? Check this bit of revisionist history LINK-1.}}
    .. What do contemporary  Wampanoag  peoples think about their history and their accident of birth? {{Check these links: LINK-2, LINK-3.}}
    .. Is there some divine intervention that is directing the lives and circumstances of Parisians? How about the divine plan for the citizens of Mali or Malawi? What divinity plans the lives of those in Tibet, or Niger, or Turkey, or Syria, or Moscow?
    -- Are we really thankful for the proxy war in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq? What divine plan is served in this accidental(?)  circumstance? 
    .. Is there a divine plan to be thankful for in Chicago, Montreal, Atlanta, Bismark, or Spokane?
    .. We're thankful for the accidents that brought us to backwater Montana. We are thankful to live in one of the most secure and safe places in one of the most secure and safe states in this republic.
    .. We wonder at the accidents yet to come and the consequences of a growing world population in the face of changes to our planet. At some point Thomas Robert Malthus will again become pertinent. We won't be around then. But the fish should be. And folks will still be catching them. We're thankful for that thought.
    .. Our planet is shrinking by the minute. Elbows are proliferating at an alarming rate. Soon, (not in our lifetime,) the accidents of birth, geographic location, and cultural revisionism will bring us into a truly world neighborhood. At that point we certainly will need some sort of intervention. Who will be the Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Nicholas Copernicus, of those looming times?
    .. What divinity will rule the mythology of a world culture? What will Thanksgiving be celebrating in 200 years?
    .. Today, we're going fish through the non-storm, . . . thankfully.