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  • Wednesday, October 28, 2015

    Questionable Integrity

    Do They Think We're Stupid
    do you trust the chamber?


    .. So just what is it about our images that attracts rampant plagiarism? It keeps happening.
    .. The images on these pages are just snapshots to illustrate this blog. This is a non commercial blog.
    .. There is a creative commons attribution note in the sidebar. Whenever asked we have granted permission to use attributed images.
    .. We've just been informed that the nefarious staff at the WEST YELLOWSTONE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE or, their web site trolls have stolen the above image. It's been up on the web for nearly two months. Who put it up? Where did they get the image?
    .. This image along with other, (stolen?) images is included on their page entitled "Fearless Fall Fishing." They are fearless in their theft, without permission, of the image. We wonder if they have stolen your images? Just what is fearless about Fall fishing?
    .. Hell's Bells, the fish was caught in early July. Is that the "FALL" of this chamber of commerce? Who writes this tripe?
    .. We have to wonder about the honesty and integrity of the local chamber if they are up to this sort of blatant disregard of artistic and intellectual property.
    .. We have to wonder just who is in charge of the due diligence department. We even wonder if they have one.
    .. Is this the only way they know to promote themselves and make money for their members? Selling what is not theirs?
    ..  C'mon, even if it is just a piddly and nonsensical little chamber of commerce: what sort of irresponsible and lazy executive board allows this?
    .. What sort of disinformation is on a site that steals personal property. Who are the members of this organization that they would sanction this sort of skulduggery?
    .. What sort of other misinformation is spread across the site when it comes to lodging, restaurants, vacation opportunities, fishing, etc.?  What images are they using to promote their business members? Do they have pretty pictures stolen from Alaska? How about Jackson, Wyoming?
    .. Can you believe anything that they have on their site? Where did they get the images that they are using? Are the fish pictures from Colorado? Are the elk pictures from Rocky Mountain National Park?
    .. They even have the audacity to copyright the purloined content. They invade your privacy by collecting information from site visitors. They stuff cookies on your computer. Yet they certainly do not monitor the veracity of their content.
    .. We suppose that self promotion, exaggerated hyperbole, theft, and misinformation are standard business practices in a tourist town like ours. It's a damned shame and they should be ashamed.
    .. We wonder if there is any oversight by the members of the chamber of commerce. We wonder if the feather merchants in town even care. Do they supply information and images? Can you trust it? Do they pay money to support this sort of behavior?
    .. We have to suspect that the banks, fly shops, motels, restaurants, trinket stores, pubs, and gas stations sanction the misbehavior of their chamber of commerce. We probably have to be suspicious of the members as well as their organization - don't we?
    .. We can only wonder at what other misinformation or theft is propagated by the laziness and lack of responsibility exhibited by this sort of behavior. Do they not know how to take their own pictures? Don't their cell phones have cameras? Do they not proofread for misspelled words? Do they not care about the image they present to visitors? Probably not.
    .. We need to know if the West Yellowstone Town Council is proud to have this sort of organization operating within the city limits. OOPS - there's not a whit difference between the two - is there?
    .. We have received no request to use the image. We have received no response to our emails. We have received no apology. The absolute gall of the individuals involved should give you some sort of idea about our town's business cartel.
    .. We are ashamed to live in a community that allows and fosters this kind of illegal and immoral behavior.
    .. We apologize to our thousands of faithful readers for this post. We also apologize for the next few days without a post as we will be leaving this up so that all of our readers know just what is going on in West Yellowstone. Neighbors stealing from neighbors: what do they do to visitors?