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  • Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    Secluded Nooks

    Just Good Food
    a relaxed atmosphere - sigh
    Atypical Airport Restaurant - Quiet, Good Food, Secluded.
    .. Summer is a hectic time in our little village. Crowds from all over the world invade the town on their way to Yellowstone National Park.
    Shop 'Til You Drop - YEE HAW!
    .. This little hamlet is built on service, (the Chamber of Commerce calls it World Tourism.)
    .. Our local population is comprised of a congenial bunch of folks - it has to be.
    .. At times the physical and psychological turmoil and the demands of constant congeniality can wear a person down.
    .. Save for a brief sleep at night there is very little time to pause and escape the hectic rush of the season. When it's time to escape to a gentle lunch we have our hideouts.
    .. One such hideout is the SmokeJumper Cafe.  It's in a secluded nook of our airport terminal. The neighbors are more than happy to drive the quick 2 miles to this little restaurant.
    Correct Temp. + Clean Oil = Perfect Gold
    .. They get away from the madness of summer tourism. They can carry on a conversation in normal tones.
    .. There is an excellent menu to choose from. The chef, (correct word,) is also a great cook. And the food is always delivered with a smile. Reasonably priced too!
    .. This is not an invitation; just a mention of a place you've driven past and not even thought about. Fantastic rib-eye sandwich, perfectly palatable burgers, and great French Fries too!
    .. Most restaurants in town are crowded at dinner time. Lines and long waits are the norm.
    .. When the neighbors are fishing they leave the river early and have an early supper, (call it a real late lunch if you like!) They then return to the river: perfect timing for the neighborhood bugs.
    .. Bullwinkle's Saloon & Eatery caters to this peculiar schedule and opens for dinner at 4:00 PM. It gets busy around 6:00 PM and the lines run out the front door.
    .. Hidden in the back of the dining room is a little known pub with an ancient horseshoe bar.
    .. It's quiet. The booths are spacious. The booths are comfortable.
    .. On Friday's and Saturday's the prime rib is ready to go when the doors open.
    .. The secret to this bit of solitude is to arrive early on Friday afternoon. Seek out the quiet booths in the little pub.
    .. Order the prime rib. Indulge yourself with sumptuous food, salubrious surroundings, relaxed quietude, and gird thy loins for some exceptional fishing when the rivers empty of those fishers with a conventional dinner schedule.
    .. Why, you may ask, on Friday? Many visitors are traveling and are dashing to their next destination on Friday afternoon. They are gone and you are here.
    .. More importantly, the special prime rib is prepared just for the neighbors, and only on Friday's. There is a secret marinade and rub that is applied, (yes, the night before.)
    .. The specially selected roasts are treated very lovingly and, one of the secret ingredients is a rare, specially ground coffee. Sounds strange. Just a hint. Hardly noticeable unless you enjoy great beef. Perfection.
    .. We like it with some butter, a little pepper, and some of the real drippings, (call it Au Jus if you like.) Rare or medium rare.
    Cut with a fork, dip in drippings, melt in your mouth.