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  • Monday, October 01, 2012

    Short - n - Sweet

    Snow A Possibility
    fish on a rampage
    A combined 50 years experience guiding on the Madison River - and still a discussion about the correct fly.

    .. As the temperatures return to the "SLEEPING WEATHER" range the fish are cavorting in all the usual, (and a few unusual,) places.
    .. Go to the Northeast Corner of Yellowstone National Park for challenging fishing and rewarding catching. Slough Creek is low, aquatic bugs are intermittent, ants and beetles will prick a fish - BUT - there is no sloppiness tolerated. Soda Butte Creek is even lower and slower. The Lamar River, when clear, is providing some excellent catching in the still, & dark waters of the canyon and below the confluence with Cache Creek. Lucky fishers will bump into BWO's and Drakes, otherwise keep digging in your terrestrial and attractor boxes. Big nymphs and soft hackles should be available too.
    Here; fishy, fishy, fishy.
    .. The glorious colors of wild Brook Trout can be found on the willing fish of Obsidian Creek, the upper Firehole River, and the small waters of the Gibbon River above Norris Campground. Your favorite attractor should match the colors of the fish - catch as catch can!
    .. Up on the park section of the Gallatin River there are still fish to dance with. The water is low and slow but the recent rains have finally added some substance to the flows.
    .. This means additional terrestrial bits of chow as well as the occasional BWO hatch.
    Bite Me.
    .. The Madison River is providing a lot of exercise for fishers right now. The runners have dispersed themselves throughout the system and may be encountered just about anywhere. The further upstream you go the less dense the population, (with a couple of notable exceptions.)
    .. Displaced resident fish are eagerly eating Prince Nymphs, Soft Hackles, and Shop Vacs. Stiff hackles and drowned and mashed caddis flies will also gather in the residents.
    .. It's hardly fashionable to fish with patterns from the distant past. We do it because we're a bit of a slow learner.
    Well Aged Meat
    .. Several of the neighbors, (ourselves included,) have recently taken some good sized Brown trout on giant nymphs of the obsolete variety, and some wet flies. Shame on us!
    .. The Casual Dress, Lead Wing - WET, and Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear - WET, are producing nicely for the retarded geriatric set.
    .. It's a strange feeling to discuss these flies with visitors of the seasonal sort. They have read the books and bought the flies from the finest feather merchants across the land.
    Silly Looking Fly
    ..They are here to participate in the Fall Frenzy. They never heard of the dumpy flies we use. Catalogs and seasonal counter clerks will out!
    .. The Queen Of The West Side rivers is doing her finest right now.
    .. The fall fishing and catching on the Firehole River has been,  (not to put too fine of a point on it,) SPECTACULAR.
    .. Autumn weather has graced us with cooler days, intermittent rain showers, clouds to moderate the bright sun, and predictable bugs. White Miller Caddis are the staple with a smattering of BWO's, (or something similar.) The fish are perky. They are alert. They are plentiful.
    .. Recruitment over the past few gentle winters has produced a pretty dense population of fish in the 10" - 14" range. A few monsters still live under the grass-draped banks just north of the parking lot in Biscuit Basin. Your footfalls will be heard if you go galumphing through these meadows.
    .. By all means get here yesterday. There is a forecasted possibility of snow and blustery weather in the upcoming days and weeks. The cold and wet weather brings out the best in our west side rivers. Miss it at your peril. Have you reserved your room? The town has been full the last 5 days.
    Fish Here Only If You Know The Bears On A First Name Basis