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  • Tuesday, June 28, 2011


    giant stoneflies on the Firehole right now!
    {{This is our post from last year. It's still the same with a couple of interesting changes. The weather will be pleasant instead of hot. The rivers will be a bit higher. The hike to Grebe Lake will be a bit more sloppy. The stoneflies of three types will all be active. Thunderstorms and overcast will improve the fishing. Updates coming!}}

    .. It's an absolutely wonderful thing.
    .. Fishing in Yellowstone National Park on the Fourth Of July is an epic endeavor for all. Everyone in the world will be in the park - and, they will all be fishing.
    .. For those that still don't know where they will be wetting their line, here's some thoughts:
    ==> You might catch a fish on the Firehole River if you fish in the morning,
    ==> You will catch a fish on the Madison River  if you use a Bead Head Caddis,
    ==> You will catch a fish on Trout Lake,
    ==>  You will catch a fish on Obsidian Creek,
    ==> You will Catch a fish on Joffee Lake,
    ==> You will catch a fish on Grebe Lake.


    .. This weekend will be a bit warm. The crowds will be a bit dense. The rivers will be a bit crowded. The fish stories will be a bit exaggerated. And, a good time will be had by all.
    .. By all accounts, there will be enormous visitation numbers for this weekend.
    .. In addition to the attractions and beauty of Yellowstone in early July, West Yellowstone is planning the largest fireworks display in Montana.
    .. The West Yellowstone "WILD WEST RODEO" has grown to the point that it's not just a 'show' rodeo - but it's become a stop on the rodeo circuit. The bulls usually win!
    .. The Dairy Queen has added 45 extra staff persons for the weekend.
    .. The police department has given all officers the day off.


    .. Places where fishing will be good  --  AND crowded:
    -- Firehole River,
    -- Madison River,
    -- Gardiner River,
    -- Gibbon River, (below Norris Campground, the road construction will have no closures for the weekend!,)
    -- Trout Lake,
    -- Solfaterra Creek,
    .. Places where fishing will be good  --  AND less crowded:
    -- Firehole River, (along the Lone Star Geyser trail,)
    -- Firehole River, (between Firehole Falls & Madison River,)
    -- Little Firehole River,
    -- Iron Spring Creek,
    -- Nez Perce Creek,
    -- Gibbon River, (between Norris Campground and Virginia Cascade,)
    -- Obsidian Creek.
    .. Places where fishing will be good  --  AND nearly empty:
    -- Gibbon River, (along the Grebe  Lake trail,)
    -- Fan Creek, (above the beaver pond,)
    -- Duck Creek, (observe the bear closures,)
    -- Grayling Creek, (please park  safely,)
    -- Bacon Rind Creek, (beware of the moose,)
    -- Gallatin River, (above the Fan Creek Confluence,)
    -- Bechler River, (it's a banner year for mosquitoes,)
    -- Boundary Creek, (if you walk more than 300 yards,)
    -- Heart Lake,
    -- Snake River, (in the Thorofare,)
    -- Hellroaring Creek,
    -- Trail Creek,
    -- Mountain Creek.



    .. The weather is going to cooperate for the long weekend, (sorta - kinda.) Clouds, thunder storms, wind, and hot temperatures are predicted for the weekend.


    .. There are some distinct advantages to fishing in Yellowstone on the Fourth of July:
    ==> Compare ring tones while exercising your waders,
    ==> Meet folks with pink fishing vests,
    ==> Catch flies with flies, (under water,)
    ==> Observe casting form worse than your own,
    ==> Delight in fishers festooned in gear worth the price of your BMW,
    ==> Practice creative parking & master rapid rigging,
    ==> Exchange insurance information with celebrity chauffeur's,
    ==> Find and explore alternate fishing locations 'cause the good ones are full of turons,
    ==> Enjoy bathing beauties in your favorite riffles,
    ==> Discover the many and varied paint jobs on tour buses,
    ==> Pose for pictures taken by 90,000 digital cameras.
    .. Time to kiss a fish!

    .. P.S. If you's scanned this far you deserve a reward: There is a wonderful site about bugs that is making waves in the "BUGOLOGY WORLD" and the "FLY FLAILING WORLD." CHECK IT OUR HERE. (There is an English version for the non-Francorphhile.)