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  • Saturday, October 09, 2010

    Bring It On !!


    The Fish Know It
    fishers too
    From Over The Divide . . . Fall Arrives !
    .. Fall weather boiled over the continental divide and let us know it with a 40° drop in temperature. We quickly dropped everything and headed to some of the worst holes on the Madison River - all the best ones were taken!
    Visiting Wildlife.
    .. We even took a few very gullible residents on some worn out caddis emergers until the fish decided that they wanted the the itty-bitty bugs on the surface.
    .. Baetis are everywhere and it seems that the conventional wisdom was spot on this year. "Bluster = Bugs."
    .. Increasingly we're hearing of runners both inside and outside of Yellowstone National Park. Visitors from near and nearer are enjoying the rapid up-tick in catching.
    Peek-A-Boo . . . I See You !
    .. After the last several years of Summer turning to Winter overnight, we just may be in for some wonderfully unsettled Fall weather.
    .. The next two weeks, (should we choose to believe the weather folks,) contain words like overcast, showers, cooling, rain, 50°, evening thunderstorms, 25°, chance of snow, etc. We're keeping our fingers crossed.
    .. Today will be gentle - just perfect for Wolverine Homecoming. But we may only get up to a high of 55° for the parade.
    .. The game will be played in what we have come to know as "football weather." Raw winds should make it interesting.
    Bluster On The Divide . . . Finally!
    .. The fancy synthetics and the stodgy oilcloth raiment's are making their fashion statement in the hotel lobbies and restaurants.
    .. Wet trails of mud and moss litter the floors of our favorite pubs, and some very wild arm gestures accompany exaggerated whispers over the rapidly quaffed brews, (often sprayed through runny nostrils for effect.)
    .. It's hard to ignore the fishing frenzy that's pounding the pavement in town and along the west side rivers. Funny hats, waterproof long johns, muddy boots, implements of fish torture, and vests full of esoterica are visible at every turn.
    .. The neighbors roll their eyes, dodge the unfamiliar cars parked in their driveway & on the sidewalk, smile at the crowds of baggy pantaloons and bent old men. It's kind of a ritual around here. And the Chamber of Commerce loves it - so too the feather merchants.
    .. This Fall, at least, catching is living up to it's fabled reputation and all seems right with the universe. The correct bugs are here, the big fish have finally arrived, the weather is doing it's best, and the elk are beginning to move. 
    .. The 15 year old, 375 pound grizzly bear that was camped out on the football field has been relocated to a place where he may survive; missing teeth, low body fat, poor weight and all. Now if we can just catch the momma black bear and her cub we'll breath a bit easier knowing that our toy poodles are eating the kibble we leave outside for them. Just where is 'Poopsie,' anyway?
    .. Grab the fall fly box. Head to one of the fabled rivers. Today will be full of success and joy on the water.
    .. We're headed to the homecoming parade to enjoy the accompanying traffic jam, and see who the homecoming queen is going to be. We'll even endure the game if the sun shows it's face for half-time.