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  • Saturday, August 28, 2010

    The Rotten Pot

    A Few Blogs & The Haps
    small fishing report too

    .. Ol' TC at the TROUT UNDERGROUND has a nifty way to suck you into reading previous blog posts. The two current posts are in large type at the top of the content section, then a mountain of earlier posts are down below in small type. He's obviously trying to entice young readers into the fold. The aged and mature variety couldn't read the small stuff even if they could remember where in hell the trifocals are. Click on over and check it out, if you can hit this [LINK].

    .. If you really want to catch fish instead of just fishing click on over to FISHING JONES for a bag full of guaranteed poop. It'll grab you where it hurts.

    .. The fish are beginning to look up more than down over in Rooster's Neighborhood. Check out ROOSTER'S RAMBLINGS - the new site.

    .. From Montana to New York is a mighty big transplantation. The NEW HEATHENS are making it work and haven't forgotten their roots. They are back east after a concert in Helena. Caught some nice trout in Nevada too.

    .. FISHING FURY continues it's rapid evolution and expansion. Now you can enter their first ever contributor contest - Schwag and Rewards await the successful entrant.

    .. A note from WILL FISH FOR WORK comments on the condition of the hopper population. Shows a couple of videos for tying the little pogo sticks if you have them in your neighborhood. We have some but not the hoards that are happening on the Great Plains.

    .. The new design and page layout for ROSE RIVER FARMS is very nice, indeed. This jewel of a fishing destination, with picture-postcard-rainbows, will grab you by your epitome -- and it's just an hour and a half from Tyson's Corner, (D.C. area for them that know!) The second CASTING FOR RECOVERY event will be held at the farm on October 23, 2010. For information contact: margaret.konkel@yahoo.com, space is limited.

    .. John Montana has gathered up some fine carp and great memories from his recent excursion. First-timers beware; it's addicting! [LINK]

    .. For those of you that are enjoying the challenge and simple beauty of Tenkara techniques,Yoshikazu Fujioka has added some new flies to his website. There are three pages full, all keyed to locations that he has fished. [LINK]

    .. Hilary is now a stripper! Egad, just look what Montana can do to a nice girl. What would mom say? [LINK]

    .. Mark Powell, from his new location and blog, lets us know about the state of Salmon and the current boom in the endangered species. [LINK]

    .. Should you be able to afford PHOTOSHOP and the computer to run it, and should you need to enhance your fish - or other photographs - check the tutorial at SIMPLYPSD. An interesting way to spend two hours. [LINK]
    .. The FFF Fair & Trade Show is in West Yellowstone. Affluent fisher folks from around the world are in town and busy learning, spending, and hobnobbing.

    .. Music In The Park is happening this evening in the city park in WEST YELLOWSTONE. It's free so bring your blankets and a BBQ grill. The rain should be over by show time at 6:30 PM - or thereabouts. [LINK]

    .. September 25, 2010 brings a couple of events to Yellowstone National Park.
    1} Public Lands Day = free admission to Yellowstone,
    2}  the West Yellowstone - Old Faithful Bicycle Tour.
    ==> Now there's a pair to draw to.

    .. September 4-6, 2010; ANNUAL KNOTHEAD JAMBOREE - square dance festival in West Yellowstone, Montana.

    .. September 16-18, 2010; Cessna 190/195 Club Fly-In at West Yellowstone Airport. Little airplanes, high altitude: fun.
    .. It's hard to explain just how good the Gallatin River is fishing. It's not slow, it's on the slow side of great! There are little flies, big flies, terrestrial bugs, hoppers, and bird droppings all being gobbled up by the trout.
    .. You still need to cover some ground but the fish are very cooperative. Mid-day catching is astonishingly fine with the recent bulge in the spruce moth population. Hoppers are present in just enough numbers to get you through to the evening caddis.
    .. Catching on the Lamar River, (particularly in the short canyon stretch,) has picked up to good! It's still a terrestrial game but the fish in the shadows are willing to dash to the sun for a meal. Beetles and ants are the ticket right now. The big parts of the river will find fish in the dark water - looking up for a good sized Adams or even a Yellow Humpy.Where do those bugs come from?
    .. The Gibbon River canyon, (above and below the construction zone,) has slowed just a little, attractors in the late afternoon and hoppers or a sparse hatch in the evening will keep your rod bent. Bears are still around the upper end of the canyon & in the meadows, so carry a large canister of bear spray.
    .. The Firehole River had a low temperature spike of 72° F on Monday, and just 70° F this afternoon. It's still just a mite warm for exercising fish on a leash - but the cool evenings are taking their toll on the water temperature, as are cloudy days with drizzle and hail like this one: good for cooling things down.
    .. We're making no predictions - BUT, September is just around the corner.

    Straight from Chicago's