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  • Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Are You Mature Enough ?

    get it !
    GO WITH IT !

    .. Do you remember Killroy? Were you there? Have you ever seen a Jeep pulling a plow? Just what is the Hiller-Haller-hallelujah twist?
    .. Ever listen to Spike Jones? Just how big was that trout you landed before they dammed the Truckee River? -- OH, you ran down from the bleachers and caught its flopping and dying body from the empty river!
    .. Are your memories trapped in a dusty corner of the garage? The basement? The attic? Worse, a storage facility? Get them out and enjoy them.
    .. With the need to remember comes a glorious joy in being alive. Fly fishing, indeed, all fishing helps us remember. It provides a respite from the grind of day to day living. Fishing gathers together a bit of the past every time it is indulged -- enjoy it. Do you know what a 'hand line' is? Ever use one? On a big fish?
    .. Have you ever fished the 'hot corner' during a big bite between Catalina and Pier Point Landing? With an un-split-cane-pole? Yes, pole!
    .. Do your remember the stir that the Feralite Ferrule caused? Do you still have a square x-section Ames steel fly rod? Why did you ever give up on bamboo for that new fangled glass stuff?
    .. Where were you when Mad Man Muntz said:
    "I'd give 'em away - but my wife won't let me
    . . . she's crazy"

    .. Have you kept dozens of flies that time and abuse have reduced to nearly bare hooks? Good for you!
    .. Just where is that old B&W of you and dad and your first fish? Or the second fish? Or the first bait bucket, or that card of flies; the scarlet ibis rules!
    .. Did you ever have a 'fish car' or 'fish truck?' Was it a corn binder, Volkswagen, Studebaker, Diamond Reo?
    ..Did you let your girlfriend in it or did you subscribe to the "true-fact" that wimmen spoil fishin'?
    .. Well, 'Bunky,' there are some interesting places on the web for feeding your nostalgia. Besides our own individual memories there are a raft of cultural memories to be had, and they're just a click or two away.
    .. Although the Rams and Packers and Saints are fun today, what about "Tank Younger," "Bart Starr," "Deacon Dan" Towler, and the other old or dead farts of the past? What about Wulff, or Kelson? Who was Corey Ford?
    .. Many of our cultural memories trigger personal reminiscences and they can be found on the web. Try a few of the links below for your own personal, (public and private,) journey into memory lane.
    .. The Saturday Evening Post (nearly 2,000,000 images in a Google search; including covers,) is an obvious place to start: but, have you tried the Curtis Publishing web site? It's fully indexed and has the post covers, some Country Gentleman images, and even has some fine nostalgic videos. If you aren't fishing get off the couch and click a few (HERE.)
    .. Should you have a hankering for the deep blue, there's a couple of places to grab your attention. Try the "old photos page" at Antique & Classic Fishing Reels. Of for you left coast fans travel, (by click,) to the photos on the Balboa Pavilion web site.
    .. For the curious and exploratory there's Bibi's box. This is a blog from 'a curious girl blogging to share and enjoy.' Everything from "HOT PANTS HOMO," through Garbo, to fishing art is displayed and indexed. The posts ended in January, (a video blog and carnival is the excuse,) we hope that they resume soon. Bibi's vintage category is HERE.
    .. Should you feel the need to be trapped by strictly fishing nostalgia, try Google for about 150,000 images or nearly 300,000 entries of various kinds of prose.
    .. There's even nouveau nostalgia by Alan Metz if you want to encapsulate some contemporary memories.
    .. Want some Andrew Sisters? CLICK HERE. Want some more? Click HERE, & HERE.

    .. Maybe some Annette Henshaw?
    Annette Hanshaw - Happy Days Are Here Again 11-2-1930

    Found at bee mp3 search engine
    .. Straight from BeeMP3
    .. How about some 1940's music? Click HERE.
    .. Too old for you? How about some 50's gems? Click HERE.
    .. The Time Machine will provide you with custom recording restoration and compilation. They will convert your old movies and restore your old wax cylinders, (they came just before wire recorders, flat platter records, 78's, 45's, 33 1/3 LP's, and tape recorders: not to mention 8-track, beta, cassettes, Cd's, DVD's, and the stick!) They do this by precobobulating the turbulators. Visit the site for some free MP3's -- whatever that is.
    .. Well, it's about to cloud up after a fairly bright day. We can hear the fish crunching crustaceans from our couch. Sound like scuds or sow bugs, (oops -- shouldn't have said that,) and we know that there will be a few caddis fluttering about the slow spots down-canyon just a bit.
    .. Our chair is too hard and the sun just got warm behind the clouds. Reminds us of . . .