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  • Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Yellowstone Weather Cooling Off

    Madison River High, Losing Color,
    Gibbon still a mess,
    Nez Perce Creek fishable.

    --As of this morning, there are several sections of major streams on the west side of Yellowstone that are clearing. These sections are shown on the map above. The map shows the road from the west entrance to Old Faithful.
    -- The blue oval sections, (on the map,) of the Madison River, Nez Perce Creek, and the Firehole River should respond well to large dark nymphs.
    -- The meadows in all areas are still muddy and very soft in some places so be careful where you walk. There are also some new quicksand bars that have formed in the Firehole river east of Goose Lake, and in the confluence area of Nez Perce Creek and the Firehole.
    -- Parking is always a problem on the opener, and access is going to be difficult where the bison have congregated. The early greening of the areas at the north end of Fountain Flat will make Pocket Basin & Nez Perce Creek a real challenge. Parking is sparse and the herd has bunched up into large groups - they are very social animals when calves are present. They have also bunched up neat the north end of the meadow where the freight road leaves the picnig area - be watchful.
    -- The freight road is a good point of access, even without a bicycle. It's better with a bicycle. You can rent a bicycle at Old Faithful and cross the iron bridge and find some pretty decent water. You can bring your own bicycle and enter from the north and find some decent water there too.
    -- The rivers will be best in the morning and early forenoon, and depending on nocturnal temperatures over the next couple of days, could last the whole day or weekend.
    -- There are sporadic caddis hatches on the Firehole, and on the Madison above 7-mile bridge. The high water has moved the bottom, and there are many stonefly nymphs in the sample nets, (two kinds seen.) There is also an abundance of caddis nymphs, as well. Snails of various sorts were also seen, (no New Zealand Mud Snails found,) and some uncased mayfly neotaneous forms were found.
    -- As the old sailor said - "Fish gott'a eat," - so they will be holding close to the bank, in boulder pillows and pockets, or adjacent to very deep slow runs after a rapid section. Foam is still collecting in some eddy's and holds bits of food - don't pass these up.
    -- Be sure to read the regulations carefully this year, as they have changed. They are designed for both protective and aesthetic reasons to give the native fish a chance - that includes the Whitefish and Grayling. Take note.

    New Regulations
    Official Yellowstone Fishing Map

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